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Annual General Church Meeting Reports ~ 2019

Minutes of 2018 General Church Meeting Justice & Peace Group
Minister’s Report Pastoral
Churches Together in Sandbachv Wesley Centre Lettings
Church Council Food Bank
Music Communion Stewards
Door Stewards Treasurer’s Report
Lifeline Debt Advice: The year from 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018 Focus House-group
Cradle Roll Flowers
Website & Weekly News Sheet Sandbach Connected Community Centres
Bowls Group Stewardship Campaign
Worship Planning Group Lunches and Sales in 2018
Wesley Guild Church Cleaning

Minutes of 2018 General Church Meeting

Minutes of the meeting held on Sunday 6 May 2018 at 12:05pm

Present: Revd Jeremy Tresise (presiding) and 37 members.

Apologies: Peter & Pam Clewlow, Roger & Valetta Cranmer, Peter & Susan Hitchinson, Cynthia Kelly, Joy Wade, Margaret Wheeler and George Wood.

Jeremy highlighted the current edition of One Mission Matters in which there is an article about the Hope Journey and several familiar faces appear in the photographs. Jeremy also mentioned this morning’s service on BBC Radio 4 in which the disciples in the Acts of the Apostles were conducting Jesus’ ministry, through the power of the Spirit, just as we do today.

The minutes of last year’s meeting were agreed and signed. There were no matters arising.

Appointments of Church Stewards:

Norma Stolworthy and Kathleen Wharton have asked to step down. They have served the church admirably, and Jeremy paid tribute to their hard work. George Wood, Andrew Stolworthy, David Wharton and Cynthia Kelly are happy to continue. Rosemary Shirley has offered to become a steward. These people were all appointed. Having approached a good number of people, Jeremy is still seeking a sixth steward.

The Church Council which met on Thursday agreed the following new appointments:

Tim and Tom Cooke – Key Holder Secretaries

Viv Evans has become Church Flower Secretary with grateful thanks to Kath Walmsley for all her work over many years.

The Property Committee has gained Ron Cheshire, John Brain, Andrew Stolworthy and David Till. Tom Cooke agreed to provide ongoing consultancy.

David Till, Ron Cheshire and Tom Fitzpatrick have agreed to be volunteer caretakers as and when required. Jeremy thanked all the volunteer caretakers for the way they conduct their business.

Linda Jones, Sheila Crowley, Joy Wade and Revd Jeremy Tresise will be ‘welcomers and hosts’ at Saturday Coffee.

Tim Cooke has agreed to produce the Sunday service rota.

Sheila Crowley has agreed to be a reserve Sunday door steward.

Tim Walmsley has agreed to take on the Lettings Invoicing.

There are still vacancies for a church steward and the supervisor of the paid caretaker.

Appointment of representatives from General Church Meeting to Church Council:

There are currently seven representatives Tom Cooke, Roger & Valetta Cranmer, Karen Foster, Ann Horsfield, David Till and Tim Walmsley. They are all happy to continue and were re-elected. Norma has stepped down as a church steward, and Jeremy offered her a year off to recuperate.

General Church Meeting Reports:

These had been collated by Andrew Stolworthy, with thanks to him and all those who had contributed. A huge amount of work is represented and Jeremy thanked them for this. Ann requested volunteers to deliver and collect the Christian Aid envelopes. The report was accepted.

The following have passed away in the last year: Kenneth Wainwright, Sydney Rowbotham, Alex Cauldwell, Ken Wade, Madge Lea, Vera Charles and Ann Wilson. It was suggested that we write to the families to say that they have been remembered. Jeremy led a time of prayer for all who mourn and for all those who are currently unwell.

Any Other Business:

Jeremy emphasised the Mission Area service next Sunday to be led by Revd Peter Barber. Churches Together in Sandbach will be having a Pentecost Service on 20 May at 6:30pm at St Mary’s. A working group has been set up to look at holding a Stewardship Campaign, possibly in the early autumn. New legislation is coming soon in terms of data protection and the holding of personal information. It was noted that there are three services in the next quarter where there won’t be a service held at this church. There are five pulpits to fill each Sunday morning in our Mission Area, whereas other towns in the Circuit don’t have such a demand. There are also fewer people available, especially in the summer quarter. Jeremy suggested that we need to act in a much more strategic manner. It was noted that there are no young people present at the meeting although thanks were offered to Nicholas for his operating the screens. Jeremy’s annual report mentions the challenges that he and Lis have faced in the last year, not least his operation in May 2017, and Rob offered gratitude on behalf of the meeting that the operation and period of recuperation was so successful.

There being no further business, the meeting closed with prayer and the sharing of the grace.

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Minister’s ReportRev’d Jeremy Tresise

It is my pleasure to introduce the annual report for the last 12 months in the life of Sandbach Methodist Church. It is also my opportunity to say a big thank you to all those who contribute so freely to the life of the church. The many activities and events that are laid on here in our church are only made possible by the time, gifts and energy given by our members and associates.

During the last twelve months we have been planning for and carrying out our Church Stewardship Campaign. It was launched after our annual Covenant Service in January and then questionnaires were handed out in February after a church buffet lunch. This provided all of us with the opportunity to review and (in most cases!) renew our commitment to the life of the church.

Christian stewardship arises as a response to the generous and gracious love that God shows to us- we are truly blessed by him beyond measure- how shall we respond?

In May 2018 we were pleased to welcome the Chair of the Chester and Stoke District, Rev. Peter Barber to take a well-attended Mission Area Communion Service in church followed by a soup lunch (in aid of Christian Aid) and to help facilitate a discussion session on how the Methodist Church in Sandbach could be a blessing to our local communities.

The Mission Area Review process which arose out of this has, as I write, not yet been completed.

During the course of the year, it has been especially pleasing to see the developing partnership with Sandbach Rotary to help those families living with Dementia. Once a month our hall has been host to a coffee morning which includes those specially invited, along with our friends from Rotary helping serve in the kitchen. We have been joined by staff from Cheshire East, The Alzheimer’s Society and our PCSO, Spike. It has been a real joy to see a mix of people enjoying companionship and support, and is a good example of what can be achieved when we partner with other organisations.

Once again we played a part in a number of Churches Together ventures. The Wesley Centre played host to the 10th anniversary Cafe service for Lifeline, the Debt Advice Service. This is run by volunteers drawn from our local churches including our own. The service was truly an inspirational one, in which we heard how hope can be restored to people’s lives and problems tackled together.

Knitters from across Sandbach joined forces to knit over 1000 Christmas Angels, which were then distributed to homes on our newer housing estates in the area. The delight that many expressed was the talk on various local Facebook sites and Twitter feeds.

We were also pleased to play an active role in the now annual Christmas Day meal at the Wesley Centre, which saw over 50 people fed and enjoy the company of others on Christmas Day, a big thank you to all those who helped make the day so special.

This Lent, we have been using Tom Wright’s book, New Testament Prayer for Everyone to help us study passages in the bible that can aid us in our prayer life both corporately and individually. This has been supported by preaching on this theme during our services on Sunday mornings.

We welcomed Ruth and Rev. Rob Hilton to our church to talk about peace making entitled, “Why is loving our enemies so flippin’ difficult?” The event organised by the church’s Justice and Peace group included looking at passages from the bible on the subject and hearing of Ruth’s journeys to Israel/ Palestine and how peace remains so elusive in that part of the world. It was an inspiring evening and we thank them for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and talk to us.

We didn’t have long to wait for Rob to return to us in his role as circuit superintendent, as he helped lead us in our Mission Area service, an act of worship which was both moving and inspiring, with the aid of volunteers from all of our 5 churches. Over 100 of us were packed into the Wesley Centre as Rob encouraged us to allow God’s power to be at work within us to accomplish far more than we can ask or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

In moving forward (as we always must) I can think of nothing more inspiring than praying for the power of God to work within us so that, through us, God might accomplish those things that lie even beyond our imagination!



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Churches Together in SandbachAndrew Stolworthy

Churches Together in Sandbach held our usual Carol Singing for Action for Children, this year in front of the Town Hall and also our usual sunrise Easter Morning service at the Sandbach Crosses.

On the Saturday before Christmas, we again placed over 1100 knitted Christmas Angels around the town, concentrating this year on the new housing estates in Sandbach. There were many very complimentary comments on the social media, especially the way that newcomers to the town felt very welcomed by it. We will be repeating this again this year, so I trust you will all get knitting! This year we will concentrate putting the angels into the various care homes. On Christmas Day, the Wesley Centre again hosted a Christmas Day Lunch for those who would otherwise have been on their own, and 30 to 35 people came and enjoyed the lunch.

At Easter, we also presented the Easter story in a series of tableaux vibrants. It told the Easter story very clearly.

Jayne Bunn has now taken over as the chair for this year. During the year, we also had a joint service, an Advent service and a pulpit swap.

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Church CouncilRob Glassonbury

The Church Council is the managing body of the church and its members act as trustees for legal purposes. Meetings are held four times a year to hear reports from sub committees, and discuss various aspects of the Church’s life, including worship, pastoral matters, mission, property, finance and so on. Minutes are pinned to the notice board in the Wesley Centre and if you’d like to receive a copy of the minutes via email, please let me know. Please make any views known, via the Church Stewards, Jeremy or myself. Finally, the General Church Meeting appoints representatives to the Church Council, so please speak to me if you are interested in serving on Church Council.

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MusicRob Glassonbury

Music continues to play an important part in worship each Sunday. Karen Foster and I continue to play the organ on a rota basis. The Music Group continues to play each Sunday during worship. In the chapel, it usually leads one or more of the hymns. When the service is held in the Wesley Centre, we play for all the hymns. As ever, I am grateful to Tim Cooke (clarinet) and Karen Foster (guitar / harp) along with Karen’s occasional vocal contributions. We are indebted to Valetta Cranmer for rehearsing and conducting the choir for special occasions. We also held an enjoyable concert in the chapel to celebrate Harvest; as well as performances by the people named above, our thanks go to Viv Evans for playing the piano. The installation of the screens in the chapel in December 2015 continues to enhance our worship, not least that people ‘look up’ whilst singing.

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Door StewardsJean Eaton

Once again I would like to thank the Door Stewards who welcome us each Sunday as we come to Worship. They also make any visitors welcome, taking them to a seat in the Church which is very helpful and caring. It was good to know that we have some more helpers after the Stewardship Campaign and hope they enjoy this valued work. Thank you.

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Lifeline Debt Advice: The year from 1st September 2017 to 31st August 2018Rosemary Priaulx

Volunteers Lifeline was set up by Sandbach Methodist Church and has volunteers from supporting churches in Sandbach and the surrounding area. There were 4 advisers, two admin assistants and 6 supporters for appointments.

Clients On average there are 40 live client cases at any one time. There were 35 new clients and 89 client appointments.

Outreach Following our open evening in 2017 2 people joined our team; one as an admin assistant; one as a trainee adviser. After 6 months training, the trainee decided not to continue.

We had a stand at Sandbach Today in September 2017 and made useful contacts with Cheshire East Social Services and with Ashfields Health Centre.

We are listed on the Cheshire East Live Well website and the Community Money Advice website.

Administration The two admin assistants have been working to sort the files into chronological order for destruction. Those which are more than 6 years from closure date (12 years for mortgage debts) have been shredded and deleted from the system. Hard copies of documents of closed cases are being uploaded onto the computers and then shredded to free up storage space.

The Policies and Procedures and client documents have been updated to be FCA, CMA and GDPR compliant.

Management In August 2018 the Centre manager, Kath Cliffe, stepped down from that role, but continues to volunteer as a supporter for client appointments.

Rosemary Priaulx was appointed as Centre Manager; and she continues to be a debt adviser.

The Management Committee consists of The Chair, the treasurer and a representative from Sandbach Baptist Church. It is hoped to be able to get more representation from Sandbach Churches on the Management Committee.

10 Year Celebration In August 2018 Lifeline celebrated 10 years of giving debt advice with a café style service in the Wesley Centre which was attended by about 60 people including past and present volunteers, and also Heather Keates; CEO of Community Money Advice and Rory Sanders the North West area Operations Support Manager who has supported Lifeline since 2008.

Finance Lifeline is funded by donations from supporting churches – Sandbach Methodist Church, Sandbach Baptist Church, St Peter’s C of E and Ettiley Heath Methodist Church.

Budget The running costs are about £3,300 per year. There was a deficit budget for the year 2017-18 with expenditure exceeding income by £330. At 31st August 2018 the current account had a balance of £1576 and the CFB had a reserve of £3000 (held to cover any expenses incurred if the centre closed).

We have very good facilities. We carried out a personal health and safety risk assessment and decided to replace two office chairs. SMC replaced the leaking window in room 5 which now allows for ventilation.

Future Plans We have a dedicated team of volunteers and we have formed good links with other support agencies. To enable to service to continue there is a need to recruit more volunteers to train as advisers and to help with administration. We will continue to promote the service within the local churches and the local community.

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Cradle RollMargaret Ashmore

Six children were christened in 2018: Olly Torrance; Grace Randell; Oliver Rafferty; Fergal Clark and Harry and Rita Langard (twin grandchildren for Rev’d Nick Blundell).

I send a birthday card for the first five years – a job I have done for 35 years.

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Website & Weekly News SheetAndrew Stolworthy

The website at continues to be updated regularly – weekly with the current church notices and less frequently with other information, such as the Link magazine and the Wesley Centre bookings. There have been a few small changes (hopefully improvements!) to the website during the last year. An audio recording of the Sunday morning worship is also available – please contact me if you would like to know how to access it. Some smaller changes (hopefully improvements) have also been made.

The weekly news sheet continues to be available every week, and for those with poor eyesight, large print copies are also produced weekly. Copies of the monthly Cheshire South circuit newsletter are also available on a Wesley Centre notice board as well as on the tables at Sunday coffee.

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Bowls GroupBryan Glassonbury

We continue to enjoy Monday morning play on the ‘top green’ at Sandbach Park, but might be pleased with a few more players as some of our membership can no longer join us. Bowls can be provided if anyone hasn’t got their own. All you need is a reasonable supply of energy, and a measure of hand-eye co-ordination…(and some might add a good partner!). Give it a try if you’re interested. Indoors on Tuesday afternoons, numbers are quite high although we’re always pleased to welcome the occasional visitor. It’s a gentle social time, enjoyed by all who take part.

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Worship Planning GroupBryan Glassonbury

This group comprises the preachers, worship leaders and organists serving our church, and meets quarterly to keep the nature and quality of our worship under review. It also arranges preachers for the church anniversary and harvest services. We remain grateful to all who contribute to the leadership of our worship – preachers, musicians, readers, AV operators, welcomers and flower providers. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

As always, if you have any suggestions or comments about our worship together, the group would be glad to have them

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Wesley GuildBryan Glassonbury

Once again, we’ve enjoyed a varied fortnightly programme with Devotional, Literary, Christian Service, and Social/Musical evenings in rotation. Devotional evenings included Holy Communion with Rev Jeremy Tresise, the life of St Andrew (on 30 November) with the Whartons, and an evening of well-loved hymns and readings. Literary evenings included a play reading (including the request to ‘give us a kiss’ by one harem member) and the life of A A Milne by Ivor Glover, and Christian Service evenings included talks on the work of Sanctus (the Stoke-based service for refugees/asylum seekers that we support), a TearFund-sponsored visit to South Africa by George and Christine Hill, and the Nigeria Health Care Project, which the Guild has supported financially for many years. And we had our usual opening supper, our usual Christmas Party, and a musical evening on TV signature tunes taken from classical music, given by the Hitchinsons. The average attendance was 26, and next season’s programme is already being mapped out – watch this space.

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Justice & Peace GroupKaren Foster

We supported the CAP End Hunger petition which requested a review of Universal Credit due to the impact its rollout is having on families. Although sadly we didn’t get much support from Wesley Avenue in terms of signatures, it does appear that the petition has had some success as the government have slowed the rollout of Universal Credit due to pressure from various charity groups.

We lead a Justice and Peace focussed service on Sunday 10th February, which we believe was well received.

We made pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, to raise money for Church Action on Poverty. This was a very successful event: the hall was full; the team were rushed off their feet keeping up with the number of pancakes required; and £153·70 was raised for Church Action on Poverty.

On Saturday March 16th we were very pleased to welcome Ruth and the reverend Rob Hilton to do a talk for us, entitled “Why is loving our enemies so flippin’ difficult?” About 40 people from this church and across the circuit sat down to jacket potatoes with fillings before Ruth and Rob spoke to us, and we raised £107 for the work of the Methodist Liaison Office in Jerusalem.

We have invited other churches from CTS to join our group in order that we can have a bigger impact. Our next meeting is on Thursday 2nd May at 7:30pm in the Henshall Room. All are welcome to come along, but if you can’t make it and would like to have some input to our agenda then please speak to Ann Horsfield, Rob Glassonbury, Karen Foster or Jeremy Tresise.

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PastoralLinda Jones

The Pastoral Committee met in May and November 2018 to review and update the Pastoral Lists.

Jeremy is regularly informed of people who would appreciate a visit. Norma Stolworthy has retired as a Pastoral Visitor and we thank her for the care she has given to the people on her list.

Joy Wade is continuing her work, in a caring and sensitive way, as Dementia Link which is appreciated by the families concerned. They feel they can contact her when they need to talk through problems.

Part of our Pastoral care is being involved with the Dementia Café which runs alongside our usual coffee mornings on the third Saturday in the month. This has been well received and Sandbach Crosses Rotary Club are pleased with the welcome and help we have given them.

We have a rota of five people providing a welcome on Saturday mornings which is particularly important for visitors and anyone on their own.

The Pastoral Visitors continue to deliver the Link and Membership tickets as well as offering friendship and a listening ear. They have also been responsible for delivering the Stewardship letters.

This year has been a sad one in that we have had the deaths of many of our members and friends, special people connected by their faith, commitment and service to others.

On a happier note we have had milestone Birthdays and Anniversaries and welcomed many new people to our congregation.

The Commissioning of Pastoral Visitors took place in February and the next Pastoral meeting will be in May.

Thanks go to Vivien Evans for her ministry in delivering the Sunday Flowers and to Jeremy and the Pastoral Visitors for the time they spend visiting and supporting our members and friends.

Our membership is 128.

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Wesley Centre LettingsAndrew Stolworthy

Our Wesley Centre continues to be heavily used, especially the hall. Indeed, it is virtually impossible to fit new users into the schedule of bookings for the hall. I frequently get comments about how pleasantly surprised users are at the premises, and often one birthday party leads on to other parties from other parents. Sadly, one of our main users (Kumon) will be ceasing to use the Wesley Centre as the teacher will be retiring shortly. The main problem we have is the size of our car park – lack of car parking spaces has caused a couple of users to move away from the Wesley Centre.

As well as all our regular bookings, we also have ‘one-off’ bookings from other users.

We would welcome more people to help with the caretaking to ease the burden on the regular caretakers, to whom I give my thanks and who seem to spend all their time travelling between their homes and the Wesley Centre when it’s their turn to do the caretaking.

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Food BankKaren Foster

Thanks to the various harvest celebrations and to the generosity of local people over Christmas, we have a very well stocked food store at present. Having said that if you would like to donate food items we can always use long life fruit juice, instant coffee, and tinned meat and meals, which are always in short supply.

We put together 21 Christmas parcels containing special Christmas items for local families, which were distributed by the Families Centre and Children’s Centre in Sandbach. This was made possible with a grant from Sandbach Town Council.

As you may already know we are currently one of the Co-op’s community charities. Members elect to support a charity from the list, and that charity will get 1% of the amount spent in the Co-op by those members. The total raised so far is over £1,100, which is an amazing total.

The record fair in the Town Hall in December supported the food bank, by allowing us to have collections of food and money on the day. We had a stall upstairs to collect food and volunteers went round with a collecting box downstairs for monetary donations. The total raised was £78 in addition to several bags of food items. This will be repeated on 14th April.

In the new year we received alot of people’s unwanted Christmas goodies so we raffled these off at the Peacemeal on 16th March, raising £57 for the food bank.

During the past year we have been asked to talk to both the local WI and the Brownies in Haslington, both of which donated food to the food bank.

A total of 14 volunteers continue to deliver on average 2 food parcels per week.

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Communion StewardsMargaret Cooke on behalf of the communion stewards

During the last 12 months we have held communion services on a once-a-month basis. This is usually a well-attended service, averaging an attendance of between 60 and 90 people. Also we hold our once-a-quarter Thursday morning communion service in the Henshall Room. We hold a “midnight” communion service on Christmas Eve, which was again held at a 8.00 pm this year! We were delighted to once again welcome our friends from St. Mary’s church to share in our Covenant service and it is nice to see this becoming a regular occasion. I would like to thank Glenys Fitzpatrick in particular for her help this year, but also Kath Walmsley, Linda Jones, Marian Brain and all who help to run this service so smoothly.

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Treasurer’s ReportKathleen Wharton

2017/18 Financial year (September to August)

Last year’s finance report can be summarised in the following bar charts, which show where the money came from and how it was spent.

The main expenditure on property repairs and maintenance in 2017/18 was on repairs to the roof of the Wesley Centre (£3,420), the refurbishment of Room 1 (£2,724) and Room 5 window replacement (£1,800). Insurance and Utilities amounted to £9,152.

2018/19 Financial Year

Receipts and payments so far this year are in line with the budget and similar to the previous year’s figures. However, payment of 50% of the cost of the party wall with the neighbouring property, the Hollies, is now due. We face a large outlay on exterior painting of the Church and Wesley Centre as well as a replacement water boiler. The spare land at the side of the Church needs surfacing and there are several smaller building repairs still to be carried out.


The church’s finances are still sound, but the future is uncertain as a large proportion of the money we receive is due to the hard work of volunteers who organise fundraising events and care for the premises and the hirers of the Wesley Centre. We also rely on the generosity of your regular giving. I would like to thank everyone who contributes financially through giving but also to the volunteers, without whom we would not survive.

This will be my last year as Treasurer as I retire in September. It has been a pleasure to serve in this role and I am very grateful for all the support and encouragement I have received over the past 4 years.

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Focus House-groupTim Cooke

Our Thursday evening FOCUS housegroup continues to meet on a (largely) fortnightly basis. The group has grown in spiritual connection, once again over the past year, although are regular attendance has remained solid at 6 we do have space for more!

This year we have been undertaking more in-depth study than in previous years. We are pleased that our Minister Jeremy continues to be a regular attendee, and in fact there have been times this year when we would have really struggled to get through the material without his guidance and support! We have keenly studied “the bible month study on Ephesians, and even hosted a Sunday morning service to share what we have learnt.

The key strength of the group is the informal nature of our meetings, and the fact that everyone is encouraged to contribute as they feel fit. This encourages the growth of the group spiritually, as there is no such thing as a silly question! Although I recognise that there are other attractions (namely, home-made cakes!!) I would encourage anyone who is interested in finding out more about the group to come along and give us a go.

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FlowersViv Evans

It is now over a year since I took over as flower secretary and to begin with I felt very much ‘in the green.’ However, in that time, I hope that I have blossomed a little and as I have come to know more church members I am able to put names to faces more easily.

I am very grateful to Kath Walmsley for the help and advice she continues to give me and also to Linda Jones, Joy Wade and all the pastoral leaders who help with the distribution of the flowers and often point me in the right direction!

Above all, thanks must go to all the people on the flower rota who make sure that there are always lovely flowers in church for our Sunday services and to those who help and give so much of their time on special occasions such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest. It is a privilege to see the pleasure a bunch of flowers brings to people at different times in their lives, whatever the reason.

‘Where flowers bloom, so does hope.’

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Sandbach Connected Community CentresRosemary Priaulx

The Wesley Centre, Sandbach Methodist Church is to be one of four Connected Community Centres in Sandbach. The other three are: Ettiley Heath Methodist Church, Union Street Community Centre and Sandbach Library.

Watch out for the launch event in late Spring/ early Summer.

Make use of the wi-fi tablet which will be available in the Wesley Centre, linked to the Live Well Cheshire East website.

Sandbach Methodist Church will be working in partnership with Cheshire East and other organisations in Sandbach to provide services and address problems which are of concern to local residents. It is for everyone, and we are excited to be part of this new initiative in our community.

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Stewardship CampaignRev’d Jeremy Tresise

In January 2019 the church held a Stewardship Campaign, which encouraged members to give thanks for all that God has done for us and to explore ways in which we might express that gratitude.

It was launched after our Annual Covenant Service on January 6th and then 100 Stewardship Renewal Forms were handed out by our Pastoral Visitors after a church buffet lunch after the service on February 4th. These Renewal Forms contained a questionnaire on the roles within the life of the church that form its current ministry.

To date we have received 71 replies and I am pleased to report that this has yielded the names of new volunteers for various aspects of our church life. In addition there have been some very good suggestions for new church activities and ministries, which I hope to see started over the coming months.

If you have yet to fill out your stewardship form or would like to receive one, then please see either me or members of the Stewardship Team. It is not too late to respond!

Many thanks to the Stewardship Team, who worked very hard to draw up the campaign and organise the questionnaire and its distribution.

They were: Bryan Glassonbury, Barbara Glassonbury, Linda Jones, Kathleen Wharton, Rosemary Priaulx and Rob Glassonbury.

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Lunches and Sales in 2018Barbara Glassonbury

I have been delighted with the response of several folk to join the Saturday and Sunday coffee teams. Thanks so much to them all.

Last September we started to support the Sandbach Rotory Club in their work with families affected with dementia to join our coffee mornings on the third Saturday in each month. These have gone really well and many people have come on other Saturdays too.

The five Sunday lunches this last year raised £3190. The four Big Sales £1656 and the three mid-week lunches £1247, giving a record total for the year of ££093. I do not keep a record of the amount taken in our Saturday coffee mornings but these too have been very successful. It is not about the money raised but the support and enjoyment of all taking part.

Support for these events remain high and we are so grateful for the work undertaken by so many of you with vegetable preparation, cooking, table setting, serving food and drinks, washing up and laundry. Everyone has a place in the smooth running of these events and without that we just could not operate so efficiently.

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Church CleaningGlenys Fitzpatrick

Firstly many thanks to all of the teams for the brilliant job they do in the giving of their time and energy. As we all get older I know it is not always easy to continue to commit to the Cleaning Rota but your services are greatly valued.

Due to ongoing problems with sciatica and bad backs Tom and I have removed ourselves from the Cleaning Rota and Peter Mason and team have also had to cease due to work commitments.

Fortunately, six new people have volunteered their services so we are still able to have five teams on the Church Cleaning Rota.

Each team cleans three times per year and this enables the church to be cleaned approximately every three to four weeks.

The hoovers, mop and bucket and brush are kept either in the kitchen or in the Reade Chapel. The extension lead is kept in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen.

We now have a new hoover which runs on battery so if you are not sure how to empty it or replace the battery please ask for help.

If anyone has any suggestions for further equipment which would help, please let me know.

As the congregation and door stewards leave the pews tidy after each Church service this certainly helps when the teams come in to clean.

Once again many thanks to everybody for all you do.

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