Sandbach Methodist Church
All We Can

All We Can’s partner Voluntary Action for Development (VAD) works to improve water, health and hygiene in the Wakiso district in Uganda.

Working alongside communities

Our partner VAD works in four ways:

  1. Providing improved water and sanitation facilities
  2. Promoting good hygiene practice
  3. Lobbying for better services from the government
  4. Setting up community based Water User Committee Groups (WUCs), Community Health Monitoring Teams (CMTs) and School Health Clubs (SCHs) who monitor and promote their work

Sandbach Methodist Church supports the All We Can Ugandan Water and Sanitation Project. Our Communion collections go to this project.

We have also recently held an evening with Ugandan style meal, talk, short film and quiz and raise £250. A sponsored Food Bank challenge to eat only food from a normal food bank parcel raised £260. Both events wereorganised by the Justice and Peace group.

Also, ‘Cool Zone’, our youth club, raised 50:

Join us in prayer

God of mercy,
who hears the voices of all,
we thank you for the work of VAD and the impact it is having in Wakiso district. Thank you that people are experiencing improved health and are using their voices and skills to bring improvement to their community. We ask that you continue to bless this project, giving them strength to overcome challenges and joy in their achievements.

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