Sandbach Methodist Church
Justice and Peace

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Matthew 25 says what you do for those among you who are in need, you do for me. This is the calling of the church. Where can Christ be found? Wherever the poor and the dispossessed are to be found, wherever a group are subject to a systematic denial of human rights.

The ‘Priorities for the Methodist Church’ include: “Supporting community development and action for justice, especially among the most deprived and poor – in Britain and worldwide”.

Concern for justice and peace is part of being a Christian, and by showing to others that you care about the world you can make a real difference. Through mass social movements and political pressure we can change our world for the better.

In the Mission statement of Sandbach Methodist church we state that we will challenge injustice and while we are doing much with this aim there is so much more to do. With this in mind the Justice and Peace group was formed. The Justice and Peace initiative was set up to “move Sandbach Methodist Church forward in terms of responding to needs locally and globally with the aim of Justice and Peace. Our defined objectives are:

If you would like to know more please contact Karen Foster or speak to our minister. Meeting dates will be publicised in our weekly news sheet. All are welcome.

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