Sandbach Methodist Church
Justice and Peace – Achievements

Since starting to meet we have had several achievements relating to Justice and Peace, including the following:

  1. The CTS Foodbank was started as a Justice and Peace initiative and continues to be a successful venture
  2. We have held various events to raise money for our chosen charities, in particular MRDF (Methodist Relief and Development Fund, now renamed to All We Can), including a Ugandan themed evening
  3. We have produced a peace prayer diary which raised money for Schools for Gambia
  4. We have campaigned on Pay Day loans and other issues by writing to our local MP, and encouraged others to do so
  5. To mark Fairtrade fortnight we have held events including a Fairtrade coffee tasting event and a Fairtrade stall at some of the church big sales
  6. Prayers: Group members have lead the prayers of intercession for Peace at the annual Peace services; Prayers for justice and peace are regularly displayed and changed on the J&P noticeboard.
  7. We have arranged talks on relevant topics including the situation in Israel/Palestine
  8. We have organised collections in response to disasters including the refugee crisis in Syria
  9. We have set up as a Kairos Community to raise awareness of the situation in Israel/Palestine
  10. We have a regularly changing display on the Justice and Peace noticeboard in the Wesley Centre, relating to our activity

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