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“But God proves his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

In this issue:
Jeremy’s Page
News from Elworth
News from Ettiley Heath
News from Wheelock
Become a Dementia Friend
Notes from Wesley Avenue
World Day of Prayer
Thy Kingdom Come
A Bite to Eat
Parent and Toddlers
Holy Week and Easter
Other Special Services
Other Events
Mission Area Prayers – Saturdays at 9:30am
Christmas Day Lunch
Lent Study Course
Christian Aid Week 2019 – 12 to 18 May

March – May 2019

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Jeremy’s Page

As I write this in mid-February, the weather has started to become noticeably warmer and thoughts begin to turn once again to the new possibilities that spring brings. Even in the manse garden, famously lacking in colour, a small clump of miniature daffodil bulbs have caught the warmth of the sun’s rays and their tiny yellow heads, pushed up through the cold earth, can be seen from the kitchen window. It seems that even in the most unpromising of situations, new life is made possible once again.

God seems to relish a challenge! Even when others have given up hope, God shows his faith in humanity by continually calling us (yes, us!) to be co-workers with him in the work of his kingdom, looking to call forth new life even in the most unpromising of situations. All he asks of us is that we show just some of the faith in him that he has in us!

Abram and Sarai are promised that many will be blessed through them and their line, when still childless in advanced years. Stuttering Moses is called to debate with the powerful Egyptian Pharaoh and utter God’s words of liberation to his people. A poor widow offers her last remaining handful of meal and last jar of cooking oil to a stranger who asks for something to eat. A baby born in poverty and fleeing with his family from the clutches of a tyrant is to become the living embodiment of God’s kingdom and the Light of the World.

For new life to be brought about, all God requires is a little faith and some well positioned people!

God is calling us – so what do we say?


There will be an open Mission Area meeting held on Monday 4 March in the Wesley Centre at 7:00pm with a repeat session on Wednesday 6 March at 2:00pm at Elworth Methodist Church. The title for the meeting will be ”What part does the Sandbach Mission Area have to play in the work of the Kingdom of God?” It will see the publication of a report by the Sandbach Mission Area Planning Group into the future work of the Mission Area and the changes that this will require. All interested parties are warmly welcome to attend.

News from Elworth

Following a break over the Christmas period, there has been an increase in the number of visitors to the coffee lounge. The open times have been extended on Mondays and Thursdays from 9:00am to 3:30pm and Monday afternoons now include “Chat while you knit” from 1:00 to 3:30pm.

Some of our Mums and Tots have called in after Monday morning “Tots time” and we have now organised some toys and activities for the children although they seem more interested in the cakes.

Plans are being made for a group of them to call in during half term either before or after a visit to the park.

We are continuing to build on our relationship with Elworth C of E school as plans are being put into place for “Easter detectives” when Year 5 children will be visiting the church for a wide range of activities.

There are also plans being made for a fun Village Show on Saturday 6 July with activities for all ages.

There will be competitions, displays, games (possibly in Elworth park) and if there is anything special anyone would like to see included then please let us know.

Jean Ellershaw

News from Ettiley Heath

How quickly time passes, it is now over two months since our Christmas Tree Festival; a special time when we welcomed the user groups from our Church Community Centre into church to share in our celebrations. Everyone had a wonderful time dressing their trees and seeing all the other trees. We are told it doesn’t really matter what we put on top of the tree but on a number of the trees a “star” could be seen; the star hopefully depicting the one followed by the wise men in the Christmas story. In his Christmas message, John Sentamu [Archbishop of York] asked people to follow the star and work together to share God’s love. He invited people to become beacons of light, joy and laughter for others. What a wonderful message and one which we can all easily follow each day. Even Bryan Adams, the Canadian Singer-Songwriter’s latest pop record is called “Shine a Light” everywhere you go!

At this point I would like to mention the fantastic messages that appeared on the Sandbach Life Facebook page following the delivery of the Christmas Angels to the new estates in Sandbach. People just couldn’t believe how wonderful they were and what a friendly and caring town Sandbach was. Well done and thank you to all those involved in “shining their lights” in the community.

Once again we are delighted to welcome St. Luke’s Cheshire Hospice “Learn How to Dance” fund raising event rehearsals to our hall. This year, the professional dance teacher lives in Elworth and Callum [Thomson] and his team are in the process of busily training the volunteer non-dancers who are hoping to reach “the Strictly Learn to Dance” standard! We wish them well with their training and in raising much needed funds for the hospice.

Prayer Time:
We think of the family and friends of the late Joan Darlington [nee Kesteven]. Joan lived on Ettiley Heath all her life and was a friend to all. Also in our prayers we remember the sick, Pat Cliffe and husband Peter who cares for her; David Ware and wife Ann who cares for him; Eileen Proudlove; Gladys Webb. We also keep in our thoughts Frank & Vera Wade struggling with health problems but so pleased to see them at church whenever they are well enough.

Edna Lawton, The Church on Ettiley Heath

News from Wheelock

We are delighted to welcome Revd Arthur Wakelin as our new presbyter and look forward to working closely with him in the future. We would like to pass on our gratitude to Revd Michael Parrott for his care and support of us in recent years.

Pastoral News…

  • We pass on congratulations to Alan & Alison Pimlott who celebrate their Sapphire (45th) wedding anniversary on 20 April and also to Tom & Jayne Bunn who celebrate their Ruby (40th) wedding anniversary on 25 April.
  • Congratulations and best wishes to Richard & Marianne Banton on the birth of a son Max Arthur
  • Belated birthday wishes to Isabel Platt who was 18 in January

Become a Dementia Friend

Join us for this free interactive Information Session to learn how dementia affects a person and what you can do to make a difference. Become a Dementia Friend and join more than two million others by taking action. From being more patient in a shop queue to campaigning for change, every action counts.

The session will be held on Saturday 23 March at 10:30am for one hour in Room 1 of The Wesley Centre, Wesley Avenue, Sandbach, CW11 1DG.

Please book a place via Linda Jones (01477 500460) or Dave Whitworth (07593 533260) or email

Notes from Wesley Avenue

The last issue of ‘Link’ included plans for the (now annual) Christmas Day lunch, held in the Wesley Centre and operated by Churches Together in Sandbach and once again, it was much appreciated by all who came. The beginning of the New Year was marked, as at most Methodist churches, by the annual Covenant Service, always a special occasion.

During February, we have embarked on a renewal of our Stewardship Campaign. This was launched at a buffet lunch in the Wesley Centre on 3 February. It offered the opportunity to everyone to take a part – no matter how seemingly small or insignificant – in the life of the church. We hope everyone will want to have a part to play! If any reader of Link hasn’t received a form, and would like one, then please ask your pastoral visitor for one, and accept our apologies that one hasn’t reached you already.

Looking forward, we will be sharing in a Lent study course, running on Thursday mornings, and everyone is warmly invited to it. The theme will be Prayer, using a book on the subject by Tom Wright, a distinguished Anglican, who has the knack of making things which sometimes seem obscure and complex much easier to get your head round. Don’t be shy! And this year, the Chapel Anniversary falls on 17 March, when we look forward to welcoming Mr Ian White to lead worship.

On a pastoral note, we’ve been glad to welcome one or two new faces, but saddened by the passing of Ken Kelly, Colin Rountree, and Arthur Wrather. And finally, we’ve come to the end of an era, with the closing of the Sandbach Ladies’ Choir. They’ve raised a colossal sum in support of charities down the years, not least St Luke’s Hospice, and their concerts have unfailingly had everyone leaving with a smile and a warm heart – so well done to them all. Enjoy your well-earned rest!

Bryan Glassonbury

Pastoral News

  • Birthday Congratulations to: Marian Brain who is 80 and May Norcross who is 90, both on 1 May, and to Jean Eaton who is 80 on 24 May.
  • Wedding Anniversary congratulations to: John & Marian Brain for their Silver Wedding Anniversary on 30 April; Andrew & Norma Stolworthy for their Golden Wedding Anniversary on 1 March; Albert & Celia Moseley for their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on 30 March.

World Day of Prayer

The next World Day of Prayer will be on Friday 1 March. Many readers will have heard of the Women’s World Day of Prayer which is part of an international annual event. Many countries call the day the World Day of prayer and this year the women of England have decided to follow suit. There have been many positive comments about the name change for, while the service has always been open to men and women alike, many men felt it wasn’t for them. However a strapline has been added to the title – ‘A women led, global, ecumenical movement’ to reflect this gift from women to the whole Christian church. The theme this year is ‘Come-everything is ready!’ prepared by the women of Slovenia, part of the old Yugoslavia.

It is based around Jesus’ parable in Luke 14 about those who wouldn’t accept the invite to a feast. Sandbach committee has planned two services again this year to hopefully make the service accessible to a variety of ages.

2:00pmSt Winefride’s RC Church, Middlewich Road
7:00pmWesley Centre

Women from all of the churches in the Sandbach area will be taking part and we hope you can all come and join us for this wonderful time of worship and learning.

Last year we encountered the ‘Beast from the East’ and nationally this has caused real hardship to the WDP funds. Locally we only postponed the evening service and used the material later in the year which actually meant we gave more to WDP funds. The booklets we use detail how the funds raised are used and many very small Christian charities rely on the gift they receive e.g. last year Porridge and Pens received £500 to provide a water pump in Ghana. Interestingly ‘All We Can’, our own Methodist Charity received £8,000 to support women in India to make a living.

So, if you have never attended a WDP service before, why not join us this year. You will be very welcome.

Thy Kingdom Come

Join the global ten day wave of prayer across 114 countries and 65 denominations

30 May to 9 June 2019

We should not think of this as another thing we must do, instead it should be at the heart of who we are, and aspire to be. Thy Kingdom Come provides a very focussed time for individuals and Christian communities to pray “Come Holy Spirit” praying to be inspired and equipped to share the good news of Jesus with our friends, family and community.

A few suggestions of how to get involved:

  • Prayer walks around your community, village, town, city
  • Prayer spaces in schools or community spaces
  • Pray for five individuals daily (using a knotted prayer bracelet)
  • Pray for families and individuals on your baptismal or community roll
  • Pray for schools, health, police, local governments in your area
  • Get involved with nearby “Beacon Events”
  • Re use or re order “Nine Days of Prayer – Waiting in Wonder” produced by the Methodist Church and distributed across the District to every member last year
  • Say The Lord’s Prayer “Thy kingdom come” at noon every day for ten days

We are asking every Christian, and every worshipping community to join us some way in praying for the renewing and empowering presence of the Holy Spirit to come among us.

For more resources to support church, family and individual prayers, visit: www.thykingdomcome.golbal or contact your Minister or the Chester & Stoke-on-Trent District “Champion” Deacon Jill Taylor – 01782 632078 or 07926 092304 or email

A Bite to Eat


  • Big Breakfast – 8:30 to 11:00am – Saturdays 9 March and 11 May
  • Monthly Charity Coffee Mornings – 10:00am to Noon – Saturdays 30 March, 27 April and 25 May
  • Supper Nights – 7:00pm – Wednesdays 27 March, 24 April and 29 May – to book, telephone 01270 765932 / 765234

Ettiley Heath:

  • Breakfast Club – 9:30am to Noon on the last Saturday of the month…
    30 March, 27 April and 25 May

Sandbach Heath:

  • Pie and Pea Supper –v 6:30pm on Fridays 8 March, 26 April and 17 May
  • Coffee Mornings – 9:30am on Wednesdays 27 March, 24 April and 29 May

Wesley Avenue:

  • Shrove Tuesday 5 March – Pancakes in the Wesley Centre from 4:15 to 5:30pm – donations for Church Action on Poverty
  • Saturday Coffee every Saturday – 10:00am to Noon in the Wesley Centre
  • Saturday 4 May – Saturday Coffee will be in aid of Christian Aid
  • Thursday 30 May – Midweek Lunch in the Wesley Centre


  • Winter Warmers on Wednesdays 13 March and 10 April, both at Noon
  • Coffee Mornings – Mondays 25 March for Action for Children and 29 April for Diabetes UK, both commencing at 10:00am
  • Sunday Lunches: 3 March – an invitation from Caroline Lowe and family to ‘Remember David’ on what would have been his 60th birthday;
    7 April as part of our Church anniversary – please book with Jayne Bunn on 07791 478313

Parent and Toddlers

Elworth – Tots’ Time – Mondays 9:30 to 11:00am

Ettiley Heath – Mums & Toddlers – Tuesdays mornings 10:00am to Noon
5, 12, 19 and 26 March; 2, 23 and 30 April; 7, 14 and 21 May

Wesley Avenue – Baby Group – Thursdays at 9:30am in the Wesley Centre
Wesley Avenue – Stepping Stones – Fridays at 9:30am in the Wesley Centre

Wheelock – Wednesdays 9:15 to 10:45am in term time

Holy Week and Easter

Maundy Thursday 18 April7:30pmAt St Mary’s Church
Good Friday 19 April10:30amMission Area Service at Ettiley Heath
Saturday 20 April11:00amEaster Tableau on The Cobbles: Brendan Bowles has offered to arrange a dramatisation of Holy Week in the town; there is no speaking required and we do need more volunteers to dress in costume and create tableaux alongside the Readings so if you can be involved please speak to your Minister
Easter Day 21 April6:00amSunrise Service on The Cobbles

Other Special Services

Sunday 17 March3:30pmAfternoon Tea Service at Sandbach Heath
Sunday 24 March10:30amMission Area Service in the Wesley Centre Hall led by our Superintendent Minister, Revd Rob Hilton
Sunday 14 April4:00pmAfternoon Tea Service at Elworth
Friday 10 May10:00amBreakfast and Worship at Elworth

Other Events

Saturday 16 March6:30pm“Peace Meal” Jacket Potatoes with fillings in the Wesley Centre
7:30pm“Why is loving our enemies so flippin difficult?” with Mrs Ruth & Revd Rob Hilton in the Wesley Centre – donations (£5 suggested) for the Methodist Mission Partner in Israel / Palestine – raffle for Sandbach Foodbank. Bookings on 07760 130124 or
Saturday 23 March10:00amBig Sale in the Wesley Centre Hall
Saturday 30 March7:30pmCrewe Male Voice Choir and U3A Choir Concert in the Wesley Centre
Saturday 6 April7:30pmWinterley Brass Band Concert at Sandbach Heath
Saturday 13 April2:00pmSpring Fayre at Sandbach Heath
Sunday 12 to Saturday 18 MayChristian Aid Week
Saturday 18 May10:00amBig Sale with Plant Stall in the Wesley Centre
Saturday 25 May7:30pmConcert in the Wesley Centre with Lynne Ashmore, Karen Foster and Rob Glassonbury for Christian Aid

Mission Area Prayers – Saturdays at 9:30am

2Elworth6Elworth4Ettiley Heath
9Wheelock13Wheelock11District Synod
16Wesley Avenue20Wesley Avenue18Elworth
23Sandbach Heath27Sandbach Heath25Wheelock
30Ettiley Heath

Christmas Day Lunch

Roger and I would like to say a very big “Thank You” to everyone who gave their time and talents to make the Christmas Day Lunch 2018 such a memorable event. Everything was excellent and special thanks must be given to Jeremy, Karen, Rob, Ann and of course Carol and all the members from the Baptist Church, Sandbach Methodist Church and Churches Together in Sandbach. Please accept our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. It was a lovely day. God bless.

Valetta & Roger Cranmer

Lent Study Course

New Testament Prayer for Everyone

On Thursday mornings in Lent we shall be holding a series of study sessions on Prayer. These sessions will be held in the Henshall Room at the Wesley Centre from 9:45 to 11:15am and will include time for refreshments. Each week we will be looking at different biblical passages on prayer as well as exploring different ways into and styles of prayer using the Scriptures. The five sessions will be on the following biblical texts:

14 MarchMatthew 6: 5-15
21 MarchLuke 11: 1-13
28 MarchEphesians 3: 14-21
4 AprilLuke 1: 39-55
11 AprilMatthew 26: 36-46

Please also note that these sessions will be repeated in the evening at 7:00pm at Haslington Methodist Church.


Christian Aid Week 2019 – 12 to 18 May

For 62 years this May people from across Britain and Ireland have been taking to the street to raise money and bring hope to our sisters and brothers living in poverty. This year Christian Aid is asking people to come together to make childbirth safe for all mums and babies. Every day 10 women die from giving birth in Sierra Leone. Christian Aid believes every life is worth fighting for and therefore wants to provide health centres and trained nurses to deliver babies and care for mums. Last year vital funds were raised to build homes that can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes in places like Haiti. In 2018 £8.5 million was raised by 57,000 volunteers from 12,000 churches. You can help us raise even more this year by volunteering to collect or come and support us at the coffee morning on Saturday 4 May or the concert on Saturday 25 May (both at the Wesley Centre).

Ann Horsfield and Deborah Darnes

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